Enero 15, 2012

Chapter 22: Nutrition, Metabolism, and Temperature Regulation

This topic is not briefly discussed in us, so I will just give you the important things that you should know about Nutrition.

Nutrition is the process by which the body obtains and uses certain components of food. The process includes digestion, absorption, transportation, and cell metabolism.

Nutrient is a chemical that an organism needs to live and grow or a substance used in an organism's metabolism which must be taken in from its environment.

Here is a video explaining more about nutrients:

The pyramid suggests the approaches to a healthy diet: Eat various foods, eat different amounts of each food type, eat in moderation, use fats and sugars sparingly, and exercise.

Here are some functions of vitamins and minerals that we need each day:

Wanna test your knowledge about vitamins & minerals? Then click the link below:

End of Chapter 22