Enero 24, 2012

Chapter 13: The Special Senses

            We all know that there are five senses which is sense of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Now, the sense of balance is recognized as a special sense. In this chapter, we will introduce and discuss the special senses. 

I. The Sense of Smell (olfaction)
  • Responds to odorants 

II. The Sense of Taste (gustation)

5 BasicTypes of Tastes Sensation

1. sour
2. salty
3. sweet.
4. bitter
5. umami

III. Sense of Sight (vision)
A. Accessory Structure of the eye

1. Eyebrows
- rows of hair above the upper eyelid
-prevent sweat from falling directly into the eyes
2. Eyelids and Eyelashes
- for protection and lubrication
3. Conjunctiva
- covers the inner surface of the eyelids
4. Lacrimal Apparatus has lacrimal glands which produces tears, lacrimal canaliculi which collects excess tears, nasolacrimal duct which receives tears and opens into the nasal cavity, and lacrimal sac.
5. Extrinsic eye muscles which involved in movement of the eye.

B. Eye

IV. Hearing
 The sense of hearing let us to perceives sounds.

 V.  Balance
Two components:
1. Static Equilibrium
2. Kinetic Equilibrium